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The NEOGRITS COLLECTION, always in line with market trends and the demands of its extensive client network, offers multiple solutions to satisfy all needs, proposing a range of selectable grain sizes depending on the applica- tion technology used and the desired result.

Colorobbia, through its NEOGRITS COLLECTION, deploys the proven expertise distinguishing each of its production processes. Colorobbia grits allows our clients to create standout products and obtain unique performance levels with respect to other alternatives available in the market.

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    The wet application of grits is the most common and widely diffused method to obtain the most varied ceramic surfaces, from mirror finishes to “sugar” effects and even non-slip stone textures with high abrasion resistance.
    The application of a grit suspension in liquid enamel and organic additives, either as a spray using an airless sprayer, or a veil using a bell or waterfall unit, ensures a homogeneous and consistent deposition, facilitating control over the production process and ensuring the high quality of the ceramic surface after firing.
    In wet applications, it is possible to use fine grits and grit mixes, thus creating smooth ceramic surfaces with excellent laying properties even on the roughest structures. The grain size distribution of each grit has a significant impact on the properties and appearance of the fired surfaces, hence why the Colorobbia NEOGRITS range of micro-grits for wet application includes two different grains, 2G and 4G, differentiated by their finer fraction content, making it easy to obtain and modulate the desired textures on the finished product.
    The Colorobbia NEOGRITS range for wet application also includes the coarser 9G grain for more prominent ceramic surfaces.

    • Possibility to use fine grains, which are not sufficiently fluid for dry application, thus obtaining surfaces with a finer grain/texture.

    • Complete homogeneity of the different grit mixes (the fine grain allows the obtainment of mixes with intermediate characteristics compared to the starting grit - for example fusibility - precisely because the smaller-sized particles allow complete amalgamation. In coarser grains, this doesn’t occur between the single grits and the appearance is more “dotted”).

    • More even and smooth distribution over the tile surface.

    • No creation of dust in the air.

    • Possibility to continuously mix the grits with liquid enamel, making it easier to develop the characteristics of the ceramic surface (for example fusibility and roughness).


      Coarser grits are normally applied using the dry application method, which allows more prominent textures on the ceramic surface, or larger depositions of material suitable for mirror polishing.
      The widespread production of large-sized thin ceramic slabs, which require less water during the enamelling stage, has created the need to obtain mirror polished ceramic surfaces entirely similar to natural stone. This is possible and cost-effective through the dry application of large quanti- ties of grits.
      Hence why Colorobbia, in its NEOGRITS range, has developed the 7G grain size characterised by the total absence of the fine powdery portion, creating a perfect balance in terms of fluidity, quality of the glass and direct laying of the surface.
      The Colorobbia NEOGRITS range includes the 8G grain size, specifically developed and perfected for applications invol- ving digital glue deposition.
      The refined grain size distribution of the 8G grain allows high-quality, high-definition applications without generating any dust, perfect for the development of decorations and depth in all technologies.

      • Possibility for easier application of coarse grits.

      • Possibility to apply very large quantities (up to 2 kg/m2) in order to obtain perfectly smooth and even polished surfaces, in addition to a greater sense of depth.

      • Improved transparency and compactness of the polished glass.

      • Possibility to create decorations with depth using digital glue deposition, modulating the ceramic appearance of the surface also by varying the type of digital glue.


        The development of machines able to deposit grits using digital technology has made it possible to exploit the productive and ceramic advantages of this application method.
        The digital application of grits allows the variable and controlled deposit of materials according to well-defined designs, perfectly suited to the colour graphics and structure of the substrate.
        The availability of multiple modular application heads allows the continuous deposition of different types of grits, thus enriching and expanding the possibilities to create the most varied range of ceramic surfaces.
        Colorobbia has enriched its NEOGRITS range with the 6G grain, carefully studied to ensure its grain size distribution and fluidity are fully compatible with digital deposition, thus satisfying the specific requirements of the main machines most commonly used for the digital application of grits.

        • Sequential application of different types of grit (with digital glue application, only one type of grit can be applied).

        • Digital application and subsequent logistical advantages of this technology (less waste, less use of material without the need to recover the excess, and in the case of digital glue, with a full field).

        • Better control of the amounts deposited for the production of custom decorations, non-full field (in the case of digital glue, the quantity actually used is that set by the glue, not that deposited: there is a risk that part of the top layer of grit may be aspirated and removed).

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          Colorobbia is a synonym of colour in ceramics since 1921. With time and thanks to human ingenuity and experience, it has managed to combine the simplicity of natural raw materials with the technological innovations in the ceramic industry, thus achieving quality solutions both for floor and wall tiles. Colorobbia’s materials and design capability have enabled its customers all over the world to obtain unique products, extraordinary expressions of the Italian style and elegance.

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          A history of excellence, progress and innovation always at its customers’ side supporting their growth wherever they may be.

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          Colorobbia has always stood out for its service, a distinctive feature thanks to which the company professionalism and expertise, put at disposal of its customers through an in-house team of technicians and designers, are well known and appreciated worldwide. An integrated service of technical and graphic assistance, customer care, R&D and innovation for the development of projects, which guarantees the maximum sharing of its technical knowhow during the industrialization of products with high-added value within its customers network.

          Integrated teams, working in close cooperation within all the Colorobbia’s branch offices, precisely because expertise, consultation and exchange of ideas are essential for the identification and solution of problems as well as for the conception of new proposals aimed at meeting any customer-specific requirements.
          An highly qualified worldwide support service able to work mainly but not only with new digital technologies; a continuous presence alongside its customers in a synergy of objectives, also in the most delicate phases of the processes, for a shared goal: a guaranteed end result.

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